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Thermocool 3HP Cassette AC (AB25FH2QAA)

Thermocool 3HP Cassette AC (AB25FH2QAA)


Thermocool 3HP Cassette AC (AB25FH2QAA)


  • Compact Design
  • Anti-fouling and Movable Baffle
  • Built-in High Head Drain Pump
  • Quiet Operation
  • Branch Outlet
  • Advance Structure
  • Fresh Air Intel Hole

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Product Description

Thermocool 3HP Cassette AC (AB25FH2QAA)

The Haier Thermocool 3HP Cassette AC AB25FH2QAA is a ceiling air conditioner with a shutter that opens and closes effortlessly for air to pass through when it is switched on. The shutter has other functions which include protecting the air conditioner from dust particles.

This product is equipped to evenly cool or heats up a multitude of commercial environment such as offices, meeting rooms, etc. This product is highly efficient and reliable.

Weight 100 kg


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