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Midea 1HP 9000BTU Window Unit Air Conditioner MWF1-09CM (No Remote)

Midea 1HP 9000BTU Window Unit Air Conditioner MWF1-09CM (No Remote)

Original price was: ₦230,000.00.Current price is: ₦227,600.00.

Midea 1HP 9000BTU Window Unit Air Conditioner MWF1-09CM


  • Model Name: MWF1-09CM
  • Capacity: 9000 Btu/hr
  • AC Type : Window Unit AC
  • Air circulation:  760m3/h
  • Indoor Sound Level: 55/52/49 dba (Hi/Low/Med)
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio:  8.3 Btu/W.h
  • Power Requirements: 2190W
  • Cooling Operating Current:  9.5A
  • Midea Air Conditioner Window Unit 1HP – MWF1-09CM.
  • Window 9000 BTU (No Remote)
9000BTU Window Unit Air Conditioner

Original price was: ₦230,000.00.Current price is: ₦227,600.00.

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Product Description

Midea 1HP 9000BTU Window Unit Air Conditioner MWF1-09CM

The Midea 1HP 9000BTU Window Unit Air Conditioner, also known as the MWF1-09CM, is a compact and efficient cooling solution designed to provide comfort and relief during hot and humid summer days. With its powerful cooling capacity, energy-efficient features, and user-friendly design, this window unit air conditioner is an excellent addition to any home or office. In this comprehensive description, we will explore the key features, benefits, and how to use the Midea MWF1-09CM.


  1. Impressive Cooling Power: The Midea MWF1-09CM boasts a 1HP (Horsepower) compressor and a 9000 BTU (British Thermal Units) cooling capacity, making it suitable for cooling rooms up to 350 square feet. Whether it’s a small bedroom, living room, or office space, this air conditioner is up to the task.
  2. Energy Efficiency: This window unit air conditioner is designed with energy conservation in mind. It features an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 12.1, which means it efficiently cools your space while consuming less electricity. This not only saves you money on energy bills but also reduces your carbon footprint.
  3. User-Friendly Controls: The Midea 9000BTU Window Unit Air Conditioner comes with an easy-to-use control panel and a convenient remote control. You can adjust the temperature, fan speed, and mode (cooling, fan, or dehumidification) with just a few clicks. The intuitive digital display provides real-time feedback on your settings.
  4. Programmable Timer: Set the air conditioner to operate according to your schedule using the 24-hour programmable timer. You can have it turn on before you arrive home, ensuring a comfortable environment when you need it most, or turn off automatically to conserve energy while you sleep.
  5. Sleep Mode: The unit features a sleep mode that gradually adjusts the temperature and fan speed to create a more comfortable sleeping environment. You won’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night due to extreme temperatures.
  6. Filter Indicator: Maintaining good indoor air quality is essential, and the Midea 9000BTU Window Unit Air Conditioner makes it easy. It comes equipped with a filter indicator that reminds you when it’s time to clean or replace the filter, ensuring optimal performance and air purity.
  7. Low Noise Operation: The unit operates quietly, with noise levels as low as 52 decibels. This means you can enjoy a peaceful and cool atmosphere without the constant distraction of a noisy air conditioner.


  1. Comfortable Living Environment: The primary benefit of the Midea 9000BTU Window Unit Air Conditioner is the comfortable indoor environment it creates. Whether you’re battling a scorching summer or simply need to maintain a consistent temperature for work or sleep, this unit ensures you stay cool and comfortable.
  2. Energy Savings: By choosing an energy-efficient air conditioner like the 9000BTU Window Unit Air Conditioner, you’ll experience significant savings on your energy bills. Its high EER rating means it can cool effectively without driving up your electricity costs.
  3. Convenience: The convenience of the remote control, programmable timer, and sleep mode cannot be overstated. You have complete control over your cooling experience, and the unit can adapt to your schedule and preferences seamlessly.
  4. Improved Air Quality: The included filter not only keeps the unit’s components clean but also helps improve indoor air quality by capturing dust, allergens, and other particles. This is especially beneficial for individuals with respiratory issues or allergies.
  5. Peace and Quiet: The low noise operation ensures you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment while still benefiting from efficient cooling. This is particularly important for bedrooms or spaces where noise sensitivity is a concern.

How to Use

Using the Midea 9000BTU Window Unit Air Conditioner window unit air conditioner is straightforward:

  1. Installation: Start by installing the unit in a compatible window or wall opening. Ensure it is securely in place to prevent any accidents. Follow the detailed installation instructions provided in the user manual.
  2. Power On: Plug the unit into a dedicated electrical outlet and switch it on. You can use the control panel on the unit itself or the included remote control for operation.
  3. Select Mode: Choose your desired mode (cooling, fan, or dehumidification) and fan speed based on your comfort needs.
  4. Set Temperature: Adjust the temperature to your preferred level. The digital display will show the current room temperature, allowing you to fine-tune your settings.
  5. Timer Settings: If you want the unit to operate at specific times, program the timer accordingly. This is especially useful for energy savings and maintaining a comfortable environment.
  6. Maintenance: Regularly check the filter indicator to ensure your unit operates efficiently. Clean or replace the filter as needed, following the instructions in the user manual.
  7. Enjoy Cool Comfort: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the cool and refreshing air provided by your Midea 9000BTU Window Unit Air Conditioner.

The Midea MWF1-09CM is a reliable and energy-efficient window unit air conditioner that offers powerful cooling capabilities while maintaining user-friendly features. Its numerous benefits, including comfort, energy savings, and convenience, make it a valuable addition to any home or office seeking relief from the heat. With proper installation and maintenance, you can enjoy years of cool and comfortable indoor living.

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