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Children’s Student Violin

Children’s Student Violin


Children’s Student Violin

  • Perfect for Beginners: This violin has all basic functions, and it is perfect for beginners and students. This acoustic violin offers you a bright and melodious tone while other components contribute to the perfect music performance.
  • Size 4/4 Violin: If you’re looking for a suitable violin for your darling kid who has been 9-10 years old and begins to learn how to play violin, it will be a wise decision for you to buy this natural acoustic violin pack, which includes a 4/4 size violin, case, bow and rosin.
  • Made from Wood & Ebony: The head, back and sides of this acoustic violin are all made from basswood while the fingerboard, tailpiece, pegs, and chin rest are made from blacked wood and the bow is made from arbor and white horse tail.
  • Great gift for you: The inside of case is very soft to protect the violin and rosin is a free gift for you. Altogether, why not take this premium violin home.

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Product Description

Children’s Student Violin

Acoustic Violin set

The SOONEEDEAR Violin is the top of the student level violins available in sizes from 1/8 through 4/4; offers a wide variety of colors to choose. Much more well-rounded than other student violins, with a warm voice and beautiful resonance. The smooth tone and full ringing notes, make the SOONEEDEAR a top choice violin for the learning violinist. Players love the rich sound and the gorgeous flaming on these violins.

Full Size Violin

Violin Strings 4/4 Full Set

Durable Natural Solid Wood Fiddle for Students

The bridge should be left high and low right, and the bridge should coincide with the midpoint of the vi hole of the violin. When setting a bridge, please first loosen the violin string. After placing the bridge in place, the string is inserted into the limit of the bridge, and the tuning can be used normally.

Tighten the peg, make sure the peg is not tooloose or too tight. The strings are typically tuned to G-D-A-E from left to right. Push the peg inside gently while tuning. Note: It is common for the string instuments that the state ofa new strings are unstable. It takes a few more tunings to stabilize the pitch.

The function of the fine adjustment knob is to help the violinist to make parts for tuning. 1.Loosen the adjustment knob 2.Adjust the violin neck knob to about 10 cents lower than the standard tone 3. Press the top knob to fix the pitch 4. Gently tighten the knob until the pitch is exactly positioned 2. Adjust A D first and then adjust G E

Blue Violin

Red Violin

Full Size Violin

White Violin

Loosen the strings slightly to avoid breaking the strings when placing the bridge

Step 2

Align the notches on the code with all the four violin strings.

Hold the bottom of the code with both hands and stand vertically on the panel.

Place it in the middle of F holes and correspond to both notches horizontally of “F” holes.

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