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Daikin 1.5HP Air Conditioner FTNV35

Daikin 1.5HP Air Conditioner FTNV35


Daikin 1.5HP Air Conditioner FTNV35

Key Features:

-1.5 HP Split AC
-R410 GAS
-Built In AVS
-Copper condenser
-Made in Malaysia
-Turbo cooling
-Long airflow

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Product Description

Daikin 1.5HP Air Conditioner FTNV35

This DAIKIN 1.5HP Air Conditioner FTNV35 is a split unit air conditioner and it comes with built-in AVS protection. With the new and greatly enhanced cutting-edge technology, the air flow can be simply regulated so that it does not blow directly into the body. This results in healthier airflow and even cooling throughout your room. Moreover, it has a washable air filter that can be removed for cleaning.

The low voltage operation design used by DAIKIN was created especially for the electrical infrastructure in Nigeria. Even in low-power situations, this split unit provides excellent cooling performance at voltages as low as 220V. The DAIKIN 1.5HP Air Conditioner FTNV35 has the additional benefit of producing virtually no noise (low noise feature), which will not inconvenience the user.

Also, its turbo plus cooling/heating power is made to cool/heat your room with 40% more intensity within the first 60 minutes of turning it on, ensuring you don’t have to wait a long time for it to start working.

Also, it has an airflow reach of 10 meters and can cover a huge area. Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, this air conditioner. Further features include rapid cooling, wifi remote control, and auto restart.

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