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Dano Instant Filled Milk Powder 350g

Dano Instant Filled Milk Powder 350g


Dano Instant Filled Milk Powder 350g


  • Full cream milk
  • Great Value for money
  • Premium quality
  • Support memory functions
  • Provides energy for a longer period
  • Promotes release of energy
  • Necessary for clear eyesight


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Product Description

Dano Instant Filled Milk Powder 350g

Introducing the Dano Instant Filled Milk Powder 350g, a delightful and convenient addition to your daily routine. Dano, a trusted name in the world of dairy, has crafted this milk powder to provide you with the rich and creamy goodness of milk in a convenient, shelf-stable form. Whether you’re a coffee lover, a baker, or simply enjoy a creamy addition to your cereal, the Dano Instant Filled Milk Powder is here to elevate your daily moments. In this description, we’ll explore its features, benefits, and how to make the most of this versatile product. You will enjoy taking Dano milk with your milo, nescafe, bournvita, and other beverages.


  1. Instant Mix: The Dano Instant Filled Milk Powder is designed for instant mixing. It dissolves quickly and effortlessly in both hot and cold liquids, making it incredibly versatile. Say goodbye to clumps and uneven mixing.
  2. Creamy and Rich Texture: This milk powder is crafted to provide a creamy and indulgent texture that’s perfect for various applications. Whether you’re adding it to your coffee or using it in your baking, you’ll appreciate the richness it brings.
  3. Long Shelf Life: One of the key advantages of this product is its extended shelf life. Unlike fresh milk, which has a limited duration, the Dano Instant Filled Milk Powder can be stored for a longer time, reducing the risk of wastage.
  4. Multiple Uses: The versatility of this milk powder is a standout feature. You can use it as a coffee creamer, in tea, hot chocolate, and smoothies. It’s also an excellent ingredient in baking, where it can enhance the flavor and texture of your recipes.
  5. Nutrient-Rich: Dano understands the importance of nutrition. The Instant Filled Milk Powder is a good source of calcium and essential vitamins, making it a nutritious addition to your diet.
  6. Convenient Packaging: The 350g packaging size is just right for both households and single users. It’s easy to store in your kitchen cupboard or pantry, ready to be used whenever you need it.
  7. Sealed Freshness: The packaging is designed to maintain the freshness and quality of the milk powder. It’s sealed to prevent moisture and air from affecting the product, ensuring that you get the best quality with every use.


  1. Convenience: The Dano Instant Filled Milk Powder simplifies your life. It’s perfect for those busy mornings when you don’t have time to go out for fresh milk or the convenience of a dairy supply.
  2. Versatility: This milk powder is incredibly versatile. You can use it in various ways, from beverages like coffee and tea to culinary applications like baking and cooking. Its creamy texture enhances the flavor and texture of your dishes.
  3. Longer Shelf Life: Unlike fresh milk that requires careful monitoring of its expiration date, the Dano Instant Filled Milk Powder has a longer shelf life. This means you can keep it on hand for those unexpected moments when you need a dash of milk.
  4. Rich Nutrition: Milk is an excellent source of calcium and essential vitamins. By using this milk powder, you’re incorporating valuable nutrients into your daily diet.
  5. Cost-Effective: Purchasing milk powder can be more cost-effective than buying fresh milk regularly. You can save money while enjoying the goodness of milk whenever you want.
  6. Ideal for Travel: Whether you’re traveling, camping, or staying in a place where fresh milk is not readily available, this milk powder is an excellent companion. You can enjoy your favorite beverages and recipes with ease.

How to Use

Making the most of your Dano Instant Filled Milk Powder is easy:

  1. Hot Beverages (Coffee or Tea):
    • Boil water and prepare your coffee or tea as usual.
    • For every cup, add 2-3 tablespoons of the milk powder.
    • Stir well until the milk powder is completely dissolved.
    • Adjust the quantity according to your taste preference.
  2. Cold Beverages (Smoothies):
    • In a blender, combine your choice of fruits, yogurt, and other ingredients for your smoothie.
    • Add 2-3 tablespoons of the milk powder.
    • Blend until the mixture is smooth and the milk powder is fully incorporated.
  3. Baking and Cooking:
    • When a recipe calls for milk, you can easily substitute fresh milk with the Dano Instant Filled Milk Powder.
    • Simply dissolve the required amount of powder in warm water to create a liquid milk substitute.
    • Follow the recipe instructions as usual, and enjoy the creaminess and richness this milk powder adds to your dishes.
  4. Storage: To maintain the freshness of your Dano Instant Filled Milk Powder, reseal the package after each use and store it in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to moisture and direct sunlight.

The Dano Instant Filled Milk Powder 350g is a versatile and convenient dairy product that elevates your daily culinary experiences. Its rich and creamy texture, long shelf life, and nutritional benefits make it an excellent addition to your kitchen. Whether you’re adding it to your morning coffee, preparing a batch of cookies, or enjoying a smoothie, this milk powder is a dependable and flavorful choice for various applications. Enjoy the convenience and versatility it brings to your daily routine.

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