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Genus 20KVA/360V Solar Inverter

Genus 20KVA/360V Solar Inverter


Genus 20KVA/360V Solar Inverter


  • Multiple charging modes
  • LCD display and monitoring
  • Reliable power backup
  • Energy independence
  • Saves energy cost

Technical Features:

  • Capacity – 20KVA/360V
  • Voltage (Input) – 277 V Ac To 502 V Ac (P-P)
  • Max Bulb Load (Output) – 230 VAC ± 1% (P-N) & 400 VAC ± 1%( P-P)
  • Maximum charging current – 15Amp
  • Gross Weight (in Kg) – 203.10kg
  • Dimension (LXWXH) in CM – 81X52.5X97
  • Battery Required – 30 Batteries

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Note: Installation fee is not included


Genus 20KVA/360V Solar Inverter


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Product Description

Genus 20KVA/360V Solar Inverter

The Genus 20KVA/360V Solar Inverter is a high-capacity and reliable solution for meeting your energy needs. This solar inverter is designed to provide clean and uninterrupted power supply for both residential and commercial applications. With its advanced features and robust construction, the Genus 20KVA/360V Solar Inverter is the perfect choice for those seeking a powerful and efficient solar energy system.


  1. High Power Capacity: The Genus 20KVA/360V Solar Inverter boasts an impressive power capacity of 20KVA (20,000VA), making it suitable for powering a wide range of electrical loads. From heavy-duty appliances to commercial machinery, this inverter can handle high-power requirements with ease.
  2. Advanced MPPT Technology: Equipped with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, this inverter maximizes the efficiency of solar energy conversion. It intelligently optimizes the output from solar panels, ensuring that you harness the maximum power available from the sunlight. This results in increased energy production and improved overall system performance.
  3. Pure Sine Wave Output: The Genus 20KVA/360V Solar Inverter delivers a clean and stable pure sine wave output. This ensures that all your sensitive electronic devices, such as computers, televisions, and home appliances, receive high-quality power without any distortion or voltage fluctuations. The pure sine wave output protects your devices from potential damage and ensures their smooth operation.
  4. Multiple Charging Modes: This inverter supports various charging modes, including solar, grid, and generator charging. This versatility allows you to utilize different power sources based on availability and preference. It ensures a continuous power supply, even in situations where solar energy may be limited.
  5. LCD Display and Monitoring: The inverter features an intuitive LCD display that provides real-time information about the system’s performance. You can easily monitor parameters such as input voltage, output voltage, battery status, load capacity, and charging status. This enables you to keep track of your energy consumption and make informed decisions for efficient energy management.


  1. Clean and Sustainable Energy: The Genus 20KVA/360V Solar Inverter allows you to harness the power of the sun and reduce your carbon footprint. By utilizing solar energy, you contribute to a greener environment and decrease reliance on fossil fuels. This renewable energy source helps create a sustainable future for generations to come.
  2. Cost Savings: Generating your electricity from solar energy can significantly reduce your electricity bills. By utilizing the Genus 20KVA/360V Solar Inverter, you tap into free and renewable solar power, reducing your dependence on the grid. This leads to long-term cost savings and improved financial stability.
  3. Reliable Power Backup: The Genus 20KVA/360V Solar Inverter provides a reliable power backup solution, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during grid outages or emergencies. Its high power capacity allows you to run essential appliances, office equipment, or critical systems without interruption, providing peace of mind.
  4. Energy Independence: By installing the Genus 20KVA/360V Solar Inverter, you gain greater energy independence. You become less reliant on the grid and can generate and store your electricity. This independence allows you to have control over your energy supply and mitigates the impact of rising electricity prices.

How to Use:

  1. Install the solar panels in an area with maximum sunlight exposure. Ensure proper positioning and alignment to maximize solar energy absorption.
  2. Connect the solar panels to the inverter using the appropriate cables and connectors. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for correct wiring and connections.
  3. Connect your electrical loads to the inverter’s output terminals. Make sure the total power consumption of the connected appliances does not exceed the inverter’s power capacity.
  4. Connect the batteries to the inverter following the recommended voltage and capacity specifications. Ensure proper battery installation and connection.
  5. Power on the inverter and configure the settings using the LCD display and control panel. Set the charging mode, battery type, and other parameters according to your requirements.
  6. Monitor the system’s performance through the LCD display, keeping track of battery status, input and output voltage, and charging status.
  7. Regularly maintain and inspect the solar panels, batteries, and inverter to ensure optimal performance. Clean the panels as needed and check the battery status to ensure proper functioning.
  8. In case of any issues or troubleshooting requirements, refer to the user manual or contact the manufacturer’s customer support for assistance.

The Genus 20KVA/360V Solar Inverter provides a reliable and efficient solution for harnessing solar energy and meeting your power needs. With its high power capacity, advanced features, and flexibility, it offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to conventional grid electricity. Experience the benefits of clean and reliable power with the Genus 20KVA/360V Solar Inverter and take a step towards a greener and more energy-independent future.

Weight 203.10 kg


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