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Kenstar 3HP Standing AC KS-28TMF

Kenstar 3HP Standing AC KS-28TMF

Original price was: ₦812,560.00.Current price is: ₦757,900.00.

Key Features:

  • 3 HP Standing AC
  • R410 Gas
  • Copper Condenser
  • 4-Way Swing
  • Powerful Cooling
  • Installation Kit Included
  • Remote-controlled
  • Elegant Indoor Design
Kenstar 3HP Standing AC KS-28BMF

Original price was: ₦812,560.00.Current price is: ₦757,900.00.

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Product Description

Kenstar 3HP Standing AC KS-28TMF

The Kenstar 3HP Standing AC KS-28TMF is a powerful and efficient cooling solution that stands tall in the world of air conditioning. This standing AC unit is designed to provide superior cooling performance for large spaces, combining cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features. If you’re looking for a reliable and powerful cooling companion, the Kenstar KS-28TMF is here to transform your living or working environment. Let’s explore its standout features, benefits, and how to harness its full potential.


  1. Impressive Cooling Capacity: The Kenstar KS-28TMF boasts a robust 3HP cooling capacity, making it an ideal choice for large rooms, offices, or commercial spaces. It effectively delivers cool and refreshing air, ensuring comfort even in the hottest climates.
  2. Standing Design: Unlike traditional window or split AC units, the Kenstar 3HP Standing AC KS-28TMF features a standing design. This not only adds a modern touch to your space but also offers flexibility in placement. You can position it wherever it’s needed without the constraints of window installations or wall mounts.
  3. Multi-Directional Airflow: Equipped with a multi-directional airflow system, this standing AC ensures even and widespread cooling. Whether you’re relaxing on the couch or working at a desk, the cool breeze reaches every corner of the room, maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature.
  4. User-Friendly Remote Control: The included remote control makes operating the Kenstar 3HP Standing AC KS-28TMF a breeze. Adjust the temperature, fan speed, and mode from the comfort of your seat. The intuitive design of the remote control ensures easy navigation of the various settings.
  5. Smart Modes and Functions: The AC unit offers a range of smart modes and functions to enhance your experience. From energy-saving mode to sleep mode, the KS-28TMF is designed to adapt to your preferences and optimize performance based on your needs.
  6. Digital Display Panel: The digital display panel on the front of the unit provides clear visibility of the current settings and temperature. It adds a modern touch and allows for quick monitoring and adjustments.
  7. Timer Function: The built-in timer function lets you set the AC to turn on or off at specific times. This is not only convenient for pre-cooling your space before you arrive home but also contributes to energy efficiency by controlling usage periods.
  8. Self-Diagnosis and Auto-Protection: The Kenstar 3HP Standing AC KS-28TMF is equipped with a self-diagnosis feature that can detect potential issues in the system. In the event of a malfunction, the AC unit activates auto-protection to prevent further damage, providing durability and reliability.


  1. Powerful Cooling for Large Spaces: The 3HP cooling capacity of the Kenstar KS-28TMF ensures that it’s up to the task of cooling spacious areas efficiently. It’s an excellent choice for large living rooms, open-concept spaces, or commercial environments.
  2. Versatile Placement: The standing design of this AC unit allows for versatile placement. You have the flexibility to position it wherever it’s needed most, without the constraints of window installations or wall mounts.
  3. Even and Consistent Cooling: Thanks to its multi-directional airflow system, the Kenstar 3HP Standing AC KS-28TMF provides even and consistent cooling throughout the room. No more hotspots or uneven temperatures—every corner receives a refreshing breeze.
  4. Convenient Remote Control: The user-friendly remote control enhances convenience by allowing you to adjust settings without leaving your seat. This is particularly handy when you want to make quick temperature or mode adjustments.
  5. Energy Efficiency: With smart modes, a timer function, and energy-saving features, the Kenstar KS-28TMF is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It helps you keep your energy consumption in check, contributing to both cost savings and environmental sustainability.
  6. Modern Aesthetics: The standing design and digital display panel give the KS-28TMF a modern and stylish appearance. It not only cools your space but also adds a contemporary touch to your interior decor.

How to Use

  1. Placement: Choose a location for the Kenstar 3HP Standing AC KS-28TMF that provides optimal airflow and accessibility. Ensure that the unit is positioned on a level surface.
  2. Power On: Plug in the AC unit and turn it on using the power button on the digital display panel or the remote control. The unit will start cooling according to the last saved settings.
  3. Adjust Settings: Use the remote control to adjust the temperature, fan speed, and mode based on your preferences. Experiment with different modes, such as energy-saving or sleep mode, to find the setting that suits your needs.
  4. Timer Function: Set the timer function if you want the AC to turn on or off at specific times. This is useful for pre-cooling your space before you arrive home or conserving energy during periods of non-use.
  5. Maintenance: Regularly clean or replace the air filter to ensure optimal performance and air quality. Keep the exterior of the unit free from dust and debris. Schedule professional maintenance as recommended in the user manual to address any potential issues.

The Kenstar 3HP Standing AC KS-28TMF is a standout choice for those seeking powerful and flexible cooling solutions for larger spaces. With its innovative features, user-friendly design, and modern aesthetics, it offers a comprehensive package that goes beyond mere cooling. Elevate your comfort with the KS-28TMF and enjoy a refreshing atmosphere in style.

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