LG 253L Chest Freezer (FRZ 25K)
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LG 253L Chest Freezer (FRZ 25K)

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LG 253L Chest Freezer (FRZ 25K)

Key Features:

-253 L
-Silver color
-Lock and key
-Inside freezing fan for extra cooling
-Linear compressor.

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Product Description

LG 253L Chest Freezer (FRZ 25K)

Based on dependability and cutting-edge technology, LG manufactures its own compressor. With our trusted technology, we now provide 10 year warranties on both inverter linear and inverter reciprocating compressors. The product’s compressor is made by LG, and we produce compressors there. Yet, it can be challenging to locate a manufacturer of just compressors.

With LG Chest Freezer, which maintains a temperature range of -18°C to -1°C during a power outage, you can relax. With LG’s technology, you can always keep your food fresher and longer. *Based on LG’s internal test procedure, the time taken for the freezer’s temperature to rise from -18°C to -1°C when the power is off.

As the temperature rises, some foods may degrade and ice cream may melt. Before eating, consumers must inspect the food’s quality.

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