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LG XBOOM 5RN 500W Speaker LGAUD5RN (Pikin)

LG XBOOM 5RN 500W Speaker LGAUD5RN (Pikin)


LG XBOOM 5RN 500W Speaker LGAUD5RNC (Pikin)


-500 W RMS
-Multi Bluetooth
-Sparkle Lighting
-All In One HiFi System
-Vocal Effects & Karaoke star.

LG XBOOM 5RN 500W Speaker


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Product Description

LG XBOOM 5RN 500W Speaker LGAUD5RNC (Pikin)

The LG HIFI AUDIO 5RNC (Pikin) sound system offers excellent value for the money and, what’s more, it’s just what you need to crank up your home entertainment. You can experience clear and gratifying sounds from your favorite action-packed movies thanks to the bass blast of this speaker, which strongly reverberates around a room.
This product’s powerful 500W RMS has been developed to provide the user with high-quality entertainment. With the LG HIFI AUD 5RNC (Pikin) Bluetooth Speaker’s Auto Equalizer, users may select the genre and how they want the sound to be produced, whether they want bass, classic, mid-tempo, or high-tempo.

Weight 9 kg


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