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Midea 465L Double Door Refrigerator HD-624FWEN

Midea 465L Double Door Refrigerator HD-624FWEN


Midea 465L Double Door Refrigerator HD-624FWEN
Key Features:
  • 2L Bottle Rank
  • Big Vegetable Box
  • Humidity Control
  • Electronic Control
  • LED display control
  • Temperature controls
  • Smart sensor
  • Dual LED
  • Inverter Quattro
  • Smart sensor
  • Active-C Fresh
  • Big Cooling Zone
  • Frost free
  • Double Door
  • Super freezing and cooling system
  • Low noise
Midea 480L Double Door Refrigerator HD-624FWEN


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Product Description

Midea 465L Double Door Refrigerator HD-624FWEN

The Midea 465L Double Door Refrigerator HD is a pinnacle of modern refrigeration technology, designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s households. Midea, a globally recognized brand in the world of home appliances, has yet again pushed the boundaries of innovation with this refrigerator. With its spacious interior, cutting-edge features, and energy efficiency, this refrigerator is poised to revolutionize the way you store and access your food.


  1. Generous Capacity: The Midea 465L Double Door Refrigerator HD offers a capacious interior, providing an impressive 465 liters of storage space. This ample capacity allows you to store a wide variety of groceries, from fresh produce to frozen delicacies, ensuring you have everything you need within arm’s reach.
  2. Multi-Zone Cooling: This refrigerator boasts a multi-zone cooling system, enabling precise temperature control for different compartments. The dedicated vegetable crisper, dairy section, and freezer all maintain optimal conditions for long-lasting freshness. You can say goodbye to wilted vegetables and freezer burn on your meats and ice creams.
  3. Inverter Technology: Thanks to its inverter compressor, the Midea 465L refrigerator is not only energy-efficient but also quieter. The compressor adjusts its speed according to the cooling needs, reducing energy consumption while maintaining a stable temperature inside the fridge.
  4. LED Display and Touch Controls: The refrigerator features a user-friendly LED display and touch controls, making it effortless to adjust settings, check the temperature, and even control the icemaker, if equipped. The modern interface adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.
  5. Frost-Free Design: Say goodbye to the hassle of manual defrosting. The frost-free design prevents the buildup of ice, ensuring that your food remains uncontaminated and easily accessible. This feature saves you time and effort in maintenance.
  6. Adjustable Shelves and Door Bins: The interior layout of the refrigerator is highly customizable, with adjustable shelves and door bins. This flexibility allows you to adapt the storage space to suit your specific needs, accommodating items of various shapes and sizes.
  7. Smart Connectivity: The Midea 465L Double Door Refrigerator HD is compatible with smart home systems, allowing you to monitor and control the refrigerator remotely using your smartphone. Receive alerts, adjust settings, and manage your grocery list with ease.


  1. Extended Food Freshness: The multi-zone cooling system ensures that your fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy stay fresher for longer. This results in less food wastage and more cost-effective grocery shopping.
  2. Energy Efficiency: With inverter technology and precise temperature control, this refrigerator is designed to save on energy costs while reducing your carbon footprint. It’s not only good for your wallet but also for the environment.
  3. Convenience: The spacious interior and adjustable storage options make organizing your food a breeze. No more juggling items or struggling to find what you need. Plus, the frost-free design and easy-to-use controls simplify your daily kitchen routine.
  4. Quiet Operation: The inverter compressor and well-engineered design ensure that the Midea 465L refrigerator operates quietly, keeping your home environment peaceful and disturbance-free.

How to Use

  1. Temperature Settings: Set the desired temperature for each compartment using the touch controls. You can keep your fruits and vegetables in the crisper at the optimal humidity level, ensure the dairy section is appropriately cool, and set the freezer to your preferred freezing level.
  2. Smart Connectivity: If you choose to connect the refrigerator to your smart home system, download the associated app and follow the setup instructions. Once connected, you can remotely monitor and control the appliance.
  3. Interior Organization: Customize the interior storage layout to suit your needs. Adjust shelves and door bins to accommodate items of varying sizes, and make the most of the generous 465-liter capacity.
  4. Maintenance: Enjoy the convenience of a frost-free refrigerator. No more manual defrosting. However, regular cleaning and periodic inspection of gaskets and seals are essential to maintain optimal performance.

In conclusion, the Midea 465L Double Door Refrigerator HD is a game-changer in the world of refrigeration. With its expansive capacity, innovative features, and exceptional benefits, it is a true asset to any modern household. Whether you’re looking to reduce food waste, save on energy bills, or simply enjoy the convenience of smart home integration, this refrigerator has it all. Its user-friendly interface and customization options ensure that using it is a breeze, making it a top choice for those who demand the best in food storage technology.

Weight 32 kg


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