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Midea Washer and Dryer MFK100-DU1501B/C35E-EU(A) 10Kg, Front Loading

Midea Washer and Dryer MFK100-DU1501B/C35E-EU(A) 10Kg, Front Loading

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Midea Washer and Dryer MFK100-DU1501B/C35E-EU(A) 10Kg

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 10Kg
  • 16 programs
  • 1400 RPM spin speed
  • Large LED digital display
  • Supersize door
  • 1-hour wash and dry function
  • Anti-wrinkle wash
  • Child safety lock
  • 4 stars water rating
  • 3.5 stars energy rating
  • DRYER: Capacity: 7Kg
  • Condensing
  • Quick dry
  • Anti-crease function
  • Delay start
  • 3 stars energy rating
  • Product dimension (W×D×H)(mm): 595×595×850
  • Net / Gross Weight (Kg): 76 / 82
  • Weight: 60kgs

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Product Description

Midea Washer and Dryer MFK100-DU1501B/C35E-EU(A) 10Kg

The Midea Washer and Dryer MFK100-DU1501B/C35E-EU(A) 10Kg is a cutting-edge laundry appliance designed to simplify your life while delivering superior performance. With a generous 10-kilogram capacity and a host of innovative features, this washer and dryer combo is a game-changer for households of all sizes. Whether you’re tackling your weekly laundry load or dealing with larger loads, the Midea MFK100-DU1501B/C35E-EU(A) is up to the task, providing efficiency and convenience like never before.


  1. Spacious 10-Kilogram Capacity: This Midea washer and dryer combo boast an impressive 10-kilogram capacity, making it suitable for households with larger laundry needs. No more worrying about splitting your laundry into multiple loads; this machine can handle it all in one go.
  2. All-in-One Convenience: The Midea Washer and Dryer MFK100-DU1501B/C35E-EU(A) is a true all-in-one laundry solution. It washes and dries your clothes in a single cycle, saving you time and effort. Say goodbye to the hassle of transferring wet clothes from the washer to the dryer.
  3. Multiple Wash and Dry Programs: This appliance offers a variety of wash and dry programs tailored to different types of fabric and levels of soiling. From gentle cycles for delicate garments to heavy-duty options for tough stains, you’ll find the perfect setting for every load.
  4. Intuitive Control Panel: The user-friendly control panel makes operating the washer and dryer a breeze. The digital display provides clear information on the selected cycle, remaining time, and other essential details. You can easily customize settings to suit your preferences.
  5. Energy-Efficient Design: The Midea Washer and Dryer MFK100-DU1501B/C35E-EU(A) is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It meets stringent energy-saving standards, helping you reduce your carbon footprint and lower your utility bills.
  6. Quiet Operation: Nobody wants a noisy laundry machine disrupting their home. This washer and dryer combo feature advanced noise reduction technology, ensuring quiet operation even during high-speed spins and drying cycles.
  7. Delay Start Function: Need to time your laundry for when you’re back from work or errands? The delay start function allows you to set a convenient start time, so your laundry is ready when you are.


  1. Time-Saving Convenience: With the Midea Washer and Dryer MFK100-DU1501B/C35E-EU(A), you’ll save valuable time and effort by combining the washing and drying processes into one seamless cycle. No more waiting for one load to finish before starting the next.
  2. Space Optimization: This compact washer and dryer combo are perfect for homes with limited laundry room space. You won’t need separate machines, giving you more room to work with.
  3. Gentle Care for Fabrics: The array of wash and dry programs ensures that your clothes receive the care they deserve. Delicate fabrics are handled gently, while tough stains are tackled effectively.
  4. Cost Savings: Thanks to its energy-efficient design, the Midea Washer and Dryer MFK100-DU1501B/C35E-EU(A) not only saves you money on your utility bills but also reduces water and detergent consumption.

How to Use

  1. Load Your Laundry: Open the washer door and load your clothes into the drum. Be sure not to overload the machine, as this can affect the quality of the wash and dry.
  2. Add Detergent and Softener: Depending on your laundry’s size and soil level, add an appropriate amount of detergent and fabric softener. Consult the user manual for specific guidelines.
  3. Select a Program: Use the control panel to choose a wash and dry program that matches your laundry’s needs. You can also customize settings like temperature and spin speed if desired.
  4. Start the Cycle: Press the start button to initiate the cycle. The digital display will show the remaining time, allowing you to plan your day accordingly.
  5. Unload and Enjoy: Once the cycle is complete, carefully remove your clean and dry laundry from the drum. Your clothes are ready to wear or put away.

The Midea Washer and Dryer MFK100-DU1501B/C35E-EU(A) 10Kg is a versatile and efficient laundry appliance that brings convenience and performance to your home. Its generous capacity, all-in-one functionality, and user-friendly features make it a valuable addition to any household. With this washer and dryer combo, you can look forward to cleaner, fresher laundry without the hassle.

Weight 30 kg


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