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Panasonic Cooker Control Switch WABA6120

Panasonic Cooker Control Switch WABA6120


  • 45A DP Switch, + 13A Socket DP switch with indicator
  • Switch 45A 250V
  • Socket 13A 250VA
  • Front plates, white thermoset
  • Terminal screws captive and backed off, ready for cabling
  • Supplied with faceplate screw caps
  • Options available as standard with red ‘power on’ LED indicator
  • LED ‘power on’ upgrade pack also available
  • Flush mounting back box: minimum 48mm deep
  • Nominal plate dimensions: 86 x 146mm

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Product Description

Panasonic Cooker Control Switch WABA6120 has an indicator to notify users that it is in use. It is suitable for electric cooking units and is mostly installed in the kitchen area of the house. The indicator gets you clicking on high-quality Panasonic switches that are versatile and can be installed on any surface with ease. With a smooth finish, It is designed to look sleek without compromising on the safety of users.
Smooth to go with any surface
A carefully created design with a careful finish that will blend with any surface.
A Switch for every wall
A slim design with a screw cap for installation hole which fits flush within the wall.
A Switch for every press
A smooth surface design makes pressing easy. Switch on. Switch off. Click away!
Flame Retardant Material
Urea resin V-O graded materials are reliable materials against accidental fire
40,000 Times Endurance Test
Longer durability due to silver and copper parts promise better contact.
Safe Installation
During installation, the wire connection and terminal screws will not fall down

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