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Panasonic Glass Jug Blender MX-MG5421CTZ

Panasonic Glass Jug Blender MX-MG5421CTZ


Key Features

  • Panasonic Ice Crusher Blender Crushes ice easily with the highly durable stainless steel sawtooth blade
  • Wattage – 800W
  • 2 dry mill attachments for grinding coffee, spices etc.
  • 2L Transparent and hygienic glass jug
  • 2 Speed
  • Detachable jug base for easy cleaning and scooping out foods
  • Safety lock prevents the blender from operating if the jug and stand are not correctly set

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Product Description

Panasonic Glass jug Blender MX-MG5421CTZ provides enjoying home-made healthy meal, treats, and drinks with kids. With its tough blades and powerful circulation, you can easily make cold fruit desserts, and healthy vegetable and fruits smoothies.

The gaps between the ribs and blades are adjusted and designed in a well-balanced way to prevent the blades from sustaining significant damage while chopping ingredients finely.

It comes with two dry mill attachments. You can use them more hygienically by separating mills for different purposes.
Panasonic blender can blend food even in small amounts relatively cleanly as the food is circulated

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