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Panasonic MJ-SJ01 220 volts Juice Extractor Juicer 220v 240 volt

Panasonic MJ-SJ01 220 volts Juice Extractor Juicer 220v 240 volt


  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Model: MJ-SJ01
  • Type: Juicer
  • Power Supply: 240 V
  • Power: 240 – 270 W
  • Weight: 3.9 Kg
  • Switch: 1 Speed
  • Pulp Container Capacity: 2.0 L
  • Juice Cup Capacity: 1.5 L
  • Rotatable Spout: 120˚
  • Spinner: Full Metal


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Product Description

Overview For Panasonic Juicer MJ-DJ01-White:

Need a juicer for an easy-to-make, delicious and fresh juice to support daily dietary fiber and vitamins, Panasonic Juicer MJ-DJ01-White is design that make juice-making easy, fast and simple.

Panasonic Juicer MJ-DJ01-White has feed tube of 75mm diameter, large enough to fit whole fruits and vegetables. So, there is no need of feeding fruits and vegetables in smaller pieces. Also, you get to make lot of juice with its large capacity 2L pulp container.

With its 120 Degree Rotatable Spout and Drip Stop, you can serve more people sitting around the table, all you to do is dimply move the spout towards them for easy pouring and simply life up the spout after using it to prevent any juice from dripping.

Panasonic Juicer MJ-DJ01-White’s Full Metal Spinner’s S-Shapes Cutter firmly holds fruits in place as it is being juiced and centridgal force ejects the pulp. It squeezes more efficiently because the fruits doesn’t spin and the fine filter mesh seperates juice from the pulp.

Weight 4.5 kg


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