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Scanfrost 43 Inches 2K Frameless Android TV (SFLED43AN)

Scanfrost 43 Inches 2K Frameless Android TV (SFLED43AN)


Scanfrost 43 Inches 2K Frameless Android TV (SFLED43AN)

  • 43 Inch Screen Size
  • 2k Android TV
  • Inbuilt Satellite decoder.
  • Inbuilt sound bar model for superior sound output.
  • Full HD Picture 1080P.
  • Elegant Base.


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Product Description

Scanfrost 43 Inches 2K Frameless Android TV (SFLED43AN)

Watch your favorite films and music come to life with this Scanfrost 43″ 2K Frameless Android TV SFLED43AN. For big-screen lovers.

The impressive 1366 x 768 HD resolution display enables you to watch content in high definition and the integrated speakers allow you to hear every little detail in whatever you choose to watch or listen to.

Experience luminous clarity with Scanfrost’s HD resolution and enjoy superb picture quality with its wide and more precisely rendered color range. With a crystal clear 43-inch screen, its cutting-edge features result in images so vivid and real. That you’ll think you’re right in the middle of the action.

Natural scenery and wildlife now become so vibrant and movies are rendered cinematically rich and exact. About as close to the director’s vision as it gets. Perfect for any living space, the combined 4 HDMI and USB ports ensure you can enjoy content from almost anywhere. The 56w power consumption makes it a superbly energy-efficient option.

Weight 15 kg


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