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Scanfrost Smart Griller (SFGC2100W)

Scanfrost Smart Griller (SFGC2100W)


Scanfrost Smart Griller (SFGC2100W)

  • 2100 Watts power
  • Heavy duty non-peel iron grates
  • Smart cooking mode – grill the way you want your meat – rare/medium/ well done
  • 7 Preset cooking modes
  • Detachable design – ideal for sandwiches/panini as well as 180° open grilling
  • Oil collection tray and complete dishwasher safe

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Product Description

Scanfrost Smart Griller (SFGC2100W)

Scanfrost smart Griller is the best choice for indoor and outdoor barbecue event to get that nice, smoky, delicious and juice grilled chicken, grilled cheese sandwich, grilled fish. The electric barbecue machine comes with heavy duty non-peel cast iron with oil collection tray and easy to clean with complete dishwasher safe. The detachable design makes it ideal for sandwiches or panini with complete 180° open grilling.

The electric grill machine for home is a 2100W Power machine with Intelligent Food Thickness Recognition, with this, the griller adjust itself depending on the thinness or thickness of the meat, fish, chicken or cheese sandwich to be grill to prevent undercook or overcook.

The barbecue machine also comes with Auto Cooking Time Adjustment with 7 presetting cooking modes, this gives the choice to set your cooking time and also set cooking mode depending on how you want your steak or grill fish or chicken (well done, medium, rare).

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