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Scanfrost Table Top Cooker (SFTTC2004C)

Scanfrost Table Top Cooker (SFTTC2004C)


Scanfrost Table Top Cooker (SFTTC2004C)

  • Tempered glass top cooker
  • Slim Body with strong s/s finish
  • 90mm dual cast iron burners
  • Superior brass burner caps for both burners
  • Automatic ignition


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Product Description

Scanfrost Table Top Cooker (SFTTC2004C)

The Scanfrost Table Top Cooker- SFTTC2004 helps to cook food properly and on time. Scanfrost products are known to be tested and trusted, and to bring nothing but convenience just like this product which aids multi tasking, different types of food can be cooked at the same time thereby saving time.

Food can be timed and a user can be sure that the food will be properly cooked when the allocated time has been reached. The knobs are well installed so that the amount of heat that is allocated to a particular food can be controlled and monitored.

The burners on the Scanfrost Table Top Cooker- SFTTC2004 burn in a very clean fashion so that the cooking appliances that are being used do not get burnt. This product also comes with series of gas burners that are user compliant, once the knob is on it lights up immediately there is fire. This cooker is Eco-friendly and does not cause hazard to the environment, the top of the burners are stainless steel. the knobs are not complicated, they are easy to control and understand.

Weight 7.5 kg


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