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Tecno T454 | 4MB + 4MB | 1500mAh

Tecno T454 | 4MB + 4MB | 1500mAh


Tecno T454 | 4MB + 4MB | 1500mAh


  • Screen size 1.77 inches
  • Model: T454
  • Network: GSM
  • Display: 2.8″ QVGA
  • Resolution: 240*320
  • Camera: 0.08M Back Camera with Flash
  • Memory: 4MB ROM + 4MB RAM Expandable Micro SD, up to 32GB
  • Connectivity: FM, BT
  • Battery Capacity: 1500mAH
Tecno T454


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Product Description

Tecno T454 | 4MB + 4MB | 1500mAh

In the fast-paced world of smartphones, the Tecno T454 stands as a testament to the enduring value of a classic feature phone. With its simplicity, reliability, and affordability, this mobile device is designed to meet the basic communication needs of people from all walks of life. The Tecno T454 offers an uncomplicated yet reliable mobile experience, and in this comprehensive description, we will explore its key features, benefits, and how to make the most of this dependable device.


  1. Impressive Battery Life: The Tecno T454 is powered by a 1500mAh battery, providing an astonishingly long battery life. With this feature phone, you can forget about the daily hassle of recharging, as a single charge can last for days, ensuring you remain connected whenever and wherever you need.
  2. Dual SIM Support: This phone supports dual SIM cards, allowing you to easily manage two phone numbers on a single device. This feature is perfect for those who want to keep their personal and business contacts separate or use different networks for different purposes.
  3. Classic Numeric Keypad: The traditional numeric keypad of the Tecno T454 offers a tactile and familiar typing experience. The large, well-spaced buttons make texting and dialing a breeze, even for those who are not tech-savvy.
  4. 2G Network Connectivity: The Tecno T454 supports 2G network connectivity, ensuring that you can make calls, send text messages, and stay connected in areas where 2G is still the primary network. It’s a reliable option, especially in regions with limited 3G or 4G coverage.
  5. 4MB RAM and 4MB ROM: While the Tecno T454 is not designed for heavy smartphone tasks, it provides sufficient memory for your basic communication needs. With 4MB of RAM and 4MB of internal storage (ROM), you can store contacts, messages, and even some media files.
  6. Expandable Storage: If the 4MB of internal storage isn’t enough for your needs, the Tecno T454 also supports a microSD card. You can easily expand your storage capacity to store more contacts, messages, and multimedia files.
  7. FM Radio and MP3 Player: Stay entertained and informed on the go with the built-in FM radio and MP3 player. You can listen to your favorite radio stations or enjoy your music collection wherever you are.
  8. Rear Camera: The Tecno T454 features a basic rear camera, allowing you to capture quick photos and videos. While it’s not designed for professional photography, it’s handy for spontaneous moments.


  1. Extended Battery Life: The Tecno T454’s long-lasting battery is a game-changer for those who rely on their phones for communication. You won’t have to constantly search for a charging outlet, making it perfect for travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone with a busy lifestyle.
  2. Reliability: This phone is a testament to reliability. It’s designed to withstand daily use and offers a dependable communication experience. You can trust that your calls and messages will go through, ensuring you’re always connected.
  3. Affordability: The Tecno T454 is an incredibly affordable mobile device. It’s an excellent choice for budget-conscious individuals who want basic communication without the bells and whistles of a smartphone.
  4. Dual SIM Convenience: The dual SIM feature is advantageous for those who need to manage multiple phone numbers for different purposes. It’s a cost-effective and convenient way to separate work and personal communications.
  5. Easy to Use: The Tecno T454 is designed for ease of use. Its traditional keypad and straightforward menu system make it accessible to users of all ages and technological backgrounds.
  6. Expandable Storage: The option to add a microSD card provides flexibility. You can store more contacts, messages, and even a collection of your favorite songs or audio files.

How to Use

Using the Tecno T454 is a straightforward process:

  1. Insert SIM Cards: Open the phone’s back cover and insert your SIM cards into their respective slots. Make sure to place them correctly, as indicated in the user manual.
  2. Power On/Off: To turn the phone on, press and hold the power button for a few seconds. To power it off, press and hold the same button and follow the on-screen prompts.
  3. Basic Navigation: Use the numeric keypad to navigate through the phone’s menu. The “Send” button usually functions as the “OK” or “Select” key. The “End” button typically serves as the “Back” or “Exit” key.
  4. Make Calls: Dial a phone number and press the “Send” or “Call” key to make a call. To answer an incoming call, press the “Send” key, and to end a call, press the “End” key.
  5. Send Text Messages: Access the messaging menu, select “New Message,” enter the recipient’s phone number or select it from your contacts, type your message using the keypad, and press the “Send” or “OK” key.
  6. Manage Contacts: You can add, edit, or delete contacts in your phonebook. Access the contacts menu, select “Add New Contact” or “Edit Contact,” and follow the prompts.
  7. Use the Camera: Access the camera menu and use the navigation keys to frame your shot. Press the camera key to take a photo. Review and save your photos in the gallery.
  8. Listen to Music and Radio: Use the built-in MP3 player and FM radio to enjoy music and radio stations. You can load music onto your phone’s memory card and use the media player to listen to your collection.
  9. Expand Storage: If you need more storage space, insert a microSD card into the designated slot. Make sure to format the card using the phone’s settings if it’s not preformatted.

The Tecno T454 is a dependable and affordable feature phone that prioritizes basic communication and ease of use. With its extended battery life, dual SIM support, and essential features, it’s an excellent choice for those who value reliability and straightforward functionality in their mobile devices.

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